Meat Market London – Way Finding (Task 2)

Meat Market Covent Garden

The branding and way finding is designed by Shed & Ilovedust. It is situated in Jubilee Hall, Covent Garden.

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The space is brought to life through blood-red colour palettes, butcher block table-tops, lab stools, white tiles and red powdered, vintage school chairs. This narrow restaurant was deliberately constructed to facilitate movement and eliminate queues, aided by the clear layout, hanging signage and oversized neon arrows set above the scenery.

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Meat Market’s menu and highlight the restaurant’s Meat Wagon history. The signs cleverly bringing the space to life through tongue-in cheek humour and saucy overtones which play on the name Meat Market to shower the space in cheeky, sexual innuendo.


The only concern i have is its way to cluttered for someone new in the market.


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