Diesel – Be Stupid Campaign (Task 7)

“Be Smart” – that is what our parents and teachers told us since we were young. While Diesel, an international jeans brand, takes “Be Stupid” as its philosophy.


dieselbestupid151 dieselbestupid101 diesel-stupid-sauce-bottle Be-Stupid-38-a Be-Stupid-39-a Be-Stupid-40-a
Be-Stupid-37-a Be-Stupid-36-a Be-Stupid-35-a Be-Stupid-34-a Be-Stupid-33-a Be-Stupid-27-a
Be-Stupid-32-a Be-Stupid-24-a Be-Stupid-23-a Be-Stupid-22-a Be-Stupid-21-a Be-Stupid-16-a
Be-Stupid-18-a Be-Stupid-19-a Be-Stupid-20-a Be-Stupid-15-a Be-Stupid-14-a Be-Stupid-13-a Be-Stupid-12-a Be-Stupid-11-a Be-Stupid-6-a Be-Stupid-7-a Be-Stupid-8-a Be-Stupid-9-a Be-Stupid-10-a Be-Stupid-5-a Be-Stupid-4-a Be-Stupid-3-o Be-Stupid-2-a



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